New Faith Church was founded as New Faith Missionary Baptist Church on February 27, 1977 under the leadership of Reverend Theodore Roosevelt Williams, Sr. with the support of 52 members. The church was established with a strong biblical foundation and fervent commitment to ministry.

Nehemiah 4:6 tells us “…for the people had a mind to work,” and the early congregants of New Faith diligently pursued the cause of Christ exemplifying the idea set for in the scripture. By January 1978, the membership had grown to 142, and New Faith moved to its present location at 4315 West Fuqua. Ministries were organized designed to impact the community, and this impact led to tremendous growth and expansion of the ministry. Within two years, the membership soared to nearly 700.

An early distinction, which still holds true today, was New Faith’s ability to maintain a strong nucleus of mature adults, while still reaching and appealing to the youth and young adult population in the community. This is partly attributed to the commitment of our pastor to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ with accuracy, relevance, great passion and joyful exuberance.

New Faith Church serves more than 3,000 families. Armed with the Word, a love for God and His people, a zeal for saving the lost and a gracious demeanor, Dr. T. R. Williams led this congregation with uncompromising biblical instruction under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the lordship of Christ. New ministry initiatives have been forged and continue to develop. The campus complex reflects our increase over the years and our call to Christian discipleship.

To further our community commitment, in 2005, New Faith established the Community of Faith Foundation, Inc. to serve as a community resource using a variety of educational and social service programs. In February 2022, New Faith Church celebrated 45 years of ministry. Throughout our history, New Faith Church continually strives to obediently follow the directives and mandates of God and as a result, the church has thrived spiritually and numerically.

After 30 years of Pastoral leadership in the congregation of New Faith Church, Founding Pastor, Dr. Theodore R. Williams, Sr., announced in the anniversary worship on June 6, 2007 that he was prepared to pass leadership to a Joshua.

It was by divine design and appointment that God led Dr. T.R. Williams to hire Rev. Andre J. Lewis as the Youth and Young adult Pastor in August 2006. He served in that capacity faithfully, until August 2008, after which, he became the Executive Pastor of New Faith Church until 2012. During this season, Rev. Lewis was under the personal tutelage of Dr. Williams as his understudy. On January 12, 2012, Rev. Andre J. Lewis was promoted to Assistant Pastor of New Faith Church and sworn in as the successor to Dr. T. R. Williams, Sr.

During a January 2015 business meeting, Pastor Williams announced his retirement date of June 2017, and the installation of Rev. Dr. Andre Jermaine Lewis as the next pastor in waiting of New Faith Church. In a unanimous vote, the congregation accepted Dr. Williams’ suggestion to make Rev. Lewis the second Pastor in the life of New Faith Church. On August 6, 2017, Rev. Dr. Andre Jermaine Lewis became the Senior Pastor of New Faith Church.

In 2017, two historic events took place in the life of New Faith Church 1) the retirement of the Founding Pastor, Dr. Theodore Roosevelt Williams, Sr. who served the congregation for 40 years and 2) the installation of the second Pastoral Leader in the life of New Faith Church, in the person of Dr. Andre Jermaine Lewis. These monumental events were witnessed by record attendance by the congregation, community, city leaders and friends.

As the New Faith Congregation prepares for the years ahead, plans for building for the future are predominant, with God’s directive to engage the community through praying, persevering, proclaiming and praising Jesus Christ our Lord. The hope of the Congregation is in the faithfulness of the God who orchestrated the blessed beginning, Who facilitated His legacy through Dr. Theodore Roosevelt Williams, Sr., Who sanctioned the calling of Dr. Andre Jermaine Lewis, and Who is preparing a hopeful future for His people assembled as the Body of Christ, to serve on behalf of the Kingdom of God through the gathering of believers known as New Faith Church.

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