Adult Ministry

Age of Grace (AoG) Ministry

The Age of Grace Ministry exists for the purpose of providing Christ-centered activities addressing the spiritual, educational, and social needs of Church members and friends.

Email: khampton@newfaithchurch.org

Married Life Ministry

The purpose of the Married Life Ministry is to enrich marriages and help husbands and wives apply biblical principles in their marriage relationships.

Email: familylife@newfaithchurch.org

Single Life Ministry

The purpose of the Single Life Ministry is to empower and motivate singles to live a life pleasing to Christ.

Email: familylife@newfaithchurch.org

Love Ministry

The Love Ministry members are encouraged to render Christian service, be willing to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and seek to live Spirit-filled lives.

Email: jjohnson@newfaithchurch.org

Men’s Ministry

The mission of the Men’s Ministry is to help mature vibrant, Christ-centered, life-changing, Kingdom focus men.

Jewels Women Ministry

The mission of the Women’s Ministry is to minister to women for the purpose of encouraging a deeper relationship with God. Throughout history God has used women in a mighty way. He will continue to use us as long we listen and heed to His call!

Email: tingram@newfaithchurch.org

Children & Youth

Faith Kids

The Faith Kids Children’s Ministry is committed to teaching and ministering to children from ages 8 mos – 5th grade. Our primary focus is to guide children through Bible exploration and various activities that will lead them to establish a personal relationship with God.

LJ3 Youth

The youth of New Faith Church will live as disciples of our risen savior Jesus Christ in all areas of life. They will become Disciples of Christ through discipleship teaching and preaching.

Email: emcmillanjr@newfaithchurch.org

Tutorial Ministry

Through the effective use of volunteers in a Christian environment, the tutorial ministry is to improve academic performance, raise self-esteem, promote creativity and motivate students to work to their highest potential to ensure successful completion of all state mandated exams (i.e. STAAR).

Email: emcmillanjr@newfaithchurch.org

Boy & Cub Scouts

The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law. Cub Scouts are for boys in grades 1st through 5th. Boy Scouts are for boys in grades 6th through 12th.

Email: emcmillanjr@newfaithchurch.org

Girl Scouts

The Girl Scout Ministry at New Faith Church goal is to reach the community by offering a community based organization to the body and the community by honoring Christ and witnesses to all that we have contact with so that they may come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and saver.

Email: emcmillanjr@newfaithchurch.org

Chrisitan Education

The mission of Christian Education is to provide teaching and learning opportunities that will communicate every members need for salvation through Jesus Christ; help each member grow into a mature disciple in both knowledge and heart filled desire toward Jesus Christ and equip each member to serve in ministry work. Have Questions? Contact Dr. Tanya Ingram at 713-434-4073 or tingram@newfaithchurch.org We want to hear from you! Click Here to share your ideas and ways to make Christian Education great at NFC.

Email: tingram@newfaithchurch.org

Sunday School Classes Meet 9:15am and Weekday Small Groups meet at 7:00pm. Online / In-Person options available.


Parking Lot Ministry

The Parking Lot Ministry’s mission is to enhance the worship experience of individuals as they enter and exit the parking facilities at New Faith Church.

Greeters Ministry

The Greeter’s Ministry is assigned the task of making each Sunday Morning worshipper feel welcomed.

Usher Ministry

The Usher Ministry assists worshippers during worship service.

Encouragers Ministry

Encouragers lovingly welcome newcomers, new believers, and those who are rededicating. We direct them into opportunities to connect with the Lord and His Church, to grow in Christ and service in His Kingdom.

IServe Ministry

The IServe Ministry consists of highly committed and dedicated Church Servants with a strong spiritual service attitude and an extraordinary work ethic willing to serve at all church events. Volunteers are always needs for funeral repasses, church-wide celebrations, the Back-to-School Rally, Vacation Bible School, ministry conferences, festivals and the NFC Bookstore.


Health & Wellness Ministry

The mission of the Health and Wellness Ministry is to encourage congregants and community to properly care for their bodies.
The Health & Wellness Ministry promote healthy lifestyles, and increase awareness of diseases, processes and health care system. We encourage preventive lifestyle practices and seeking and getting early detection screenings for congregants and community.

Email: familylifecenter@newfaithchurch.org

Worship Arts

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry of New Faith Church is a purposeful effort to involve individuals of the church in meaningful music experiences. It is responsible for providing musical experience in congregational services, developing musical skills, attitudes and understanding ministering to persons through musical experiences; and representing the church through music in the community.

Email: cwatkins@newfaithchurch.org

Praise Dance Ministry

Praise dancing provides our children with a chance to actively serve God through dance. They are able to serve God at New Faith, but also in the community as well. The foundation they receive in our dance ministry provides them with the foundational skills needed to pursue a career in dance.

Email: cwatkins@newfaithchurch.org

New Faith Praise Team

We have been chosen, set apart and empowered by God to stand before Him and minister unto Him, and bless His name. As we worship from our hearts, we rely solely on God to heal, restore, change, and deliver His people. The will of the Father is our constant motivation. We are a part of God’s kingdom and commit ourselves whole heartedly to His workmanship. In all we do, God will be honored and glorified.

Email: kevans@newfaithchurch.org

Drama Ministry

Faith In Action Drama Ministry
Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. Focus on Christ-centered, creative and collaborative presentations that demonstrate our faith in action. Through dramatic presentations the Living Word is heard, seen and experienced.

Email: cwatkins@newfaithchurch.org

Submitting a prayer request form is a simple and meaningful way to ask for support and guidance. Our team is committed to holding your prayer requests in confidence and offering our prayers on your behalf.